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Transform the way you think about food, and you’ll transform how you feel in your body.

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Hi! I’m Keysa Amaro.

I help ambitious moms get control of their food cravings by going beyond the nutrition and helping them develop a healthy relationship with food and themselves so that they can easily maintain a sustainable weight without deprivation.

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“Keysa was able to help me work towards my goals by being positive, supportive and available for questions and input. She had simple and adaptable solutions and suggestions to help me make nutrition changes.  She also provided an open space for exploration.”

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“Keysa definitely practices what she preaches and has the tools to allow her clients to be successful. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since working with Keysa has been my increase of energy due to weight loss, better eating, and a regular workout schedule.”

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Keysa is not like other coaches who will just tell you to eat less and exercise more.  You will learn how food is affecting your body, learn the food that works for you, and work on other factors that may be affecting your health.  I would recommend Keysa to anyone who is sick of yo-yo dieting, has uncontrollable food cravings, and spending half of their life at the gym to lose weight…the most significant overall change I have noticed has been being able to lose weight without obsessing about how many calories I am eating and burning.”

Why My Work Matters


Together we will wade through the nutrition information to separate fact from fad, and find what foods work best for you in, not some one else.


Discover a whole new way of thinking about food and stop dieting for good. This will change your life!


You will make healthy, life-long, sustainable changes that will leave you feeling healthier, more energetic and improved well-being.